Quantum Computing Research Section

Conduct research on new computing technologies for quantum computers with semiconductors/integrated circuits/SoCs. Contribute to pioneering system architecture design techniques for integrated circuits that operate in ultra-low-temperature environments, such as cryogenic CMOS and single-flux quantum circuits.

Selected Papers/Talks

  • Yasunari Suzuki, Takanori Sugiyama, Tomochika Arai, Wang Liao, Koji Inoue, and Teruo Tanimoto, “Q3DE: A fault-tolerant quantum computer architecture for multi-bit burst errors by cosmic rays,” IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture (MICRO-55), Oct. 2022 (to appear). (acceptance rate: 83/366=22%)
  • Ilkwon Byun, Junpyo Kim, Dongmoon Min, Ikki Nagaoka, Kosuke Fukumitsu, Iori Ishikawa, Teruo Tanimoto, Masamitsu Tanaka, Koji Inoue, and Jangwoo Kim, “XQsim: Modeling Cross-Technology Control Processors for 10+K Qubit Quantum Computers,” ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA ‘22), pp.366-382, June 2022.


AI Computing Research Section

Explore AI computing infrastructure technologies that are expected to explode in the future. In particular, we will contribute to research on AI acceleration technologies that enable high-performance, low-power AI processing correlated with algorithm optimizations.


Selected Papers/Talks

  • Koki Ishida, Il-Kwon Byun, Ikki Nagaoka, Kosuke Fukumitsu, Masamitsu Tanaka, Satoshi Kawakami, Teruo Tanimoto, Takatsugu Ono, Jangwoo Kim, and Koji Inoue, “SuperNPU: An Extremely Fast Neural Processing Unit Using Superconducting Logic Devices,” International Symposium on Microarchtecture (MICRO-53), pp.58-72, Oct. 2020.
    (IEEE Micro Top Picks from 2020, “Superconductor Computing for Neural Networks”)
  • Kenichi Kitayama, Masaya Notomi, Makoto Naruse, Koji Inoue, Satoshi Kawakami, and Atsushi Uchida, “Novel frontier of photonics for data processing - Photonic accelerator,” APL Photonics, Vol.4, No.9, pp.090901-1-090901-24, Sep. 2019.

Selected Research Topics

Department of Edge Computing

Promote the development of device and system design technologies to realize ultra-high performance, low energy consumption, and secure edge computing platforms for emerging applications such as IoT systems and wearable computers. This section also develops new areas such as edge computing for the DX era, cloud-collaborative computing, and natural energy computing that takes into account the global environmental impact.

Selected Papers/Talks

  • H. Funaki, Y. Noge, M. Shoyama, and Y. Yonezawa, “Real-Time Simulation Method Using LPV Model of LLC Current Resonant Converter,” the 2022 International Power Electronics Conference, IPEC-Himeji 2022 -ECCE Asia-, pp.1809-1816, May 2022.
  • Y. Eto, Y. Noge, and M. Shoyama, “A Dynamic Characteristic of Bi-directional Dual Active Bridge Converter with Power-Feedback Control,” the 12th International Conference on Electrical and Electromechanical Energy Conversion –ECCE Asia-, pp.1940-1945, May 2021.
  • G. M. Dousoky, M. Shoyama, and T. Ninomiya, “FPGA-Based Spread-Spectrum Schemes for Conducted-Noise Mitigation in DC–DC Power Converters: Design, Implementation, and Experimental Investigation,” in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, vol. 58, no. 2, pp.429-435, Feb. 2011.

Selected Research Topics

Social Interaction and Implementation Section

Promote the development of next-generation social applications and technologies based on the use of new computing technologies. We target a wide range of fields such as medicine, agriculture, forestry, and fisheries. The project will develop and implement new digital technologies and services for the realization of a future society, beyond Society 5.0, with the consideration and discussion from an economics perspective.

Selected Papers/Talks

  • Mohamed Mansour, Xavier Le Polozec, and Haruichi Kanaya, “Enhanced Broadband RF Differential Rectifier Integrated with Archimedean Spiral Antenna for Wireless Energy Harvesting Applications,” Sensors, 19(3), 655, Feb. 2019.
  • H. Kanaya, S. Tsukamoto, T. Hirabaru, D. Kanemoto, R. K. Pokharel, and K. Yoshida, “Energy Harvesting Circuit on a One-Sided Directional Flexible Antenna,” IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters, Vol. 23, Issue 3, pp.164-166, Mar. 2013.

Selected Research Topics

  • Development of the electrically small antenna, RF energy harvester and RF front-end.

Regional Collaboration Section

Build an ecosystem for creating new science, technology, and new industries based on the collaboration between the university and the local community. Accelerate technological exchange, joint research, human resource development, joint projects, etc., and form a new trend of industry-academia collaboration.

Selected Papers/Talks

  • Koji Inoue, Exploring Next Generation Computing Platform: from Edge to Cloud,” outstanding talk, MPSoC 2022.

Selected Research Topics

Selected Research Projects

Selected Research Project: Completed

  • KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A): Over 100 GHz Time-Space Superconductor Computing for Post-Moore Era, PI Koji Inoue, Apr. 2019 - Mar. 2022.
  • KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S): Research on Information Infrastructure Platform for Sustainable Smart Mobility, PI Akira Fukuda, Apr. 2015 - Mar. 2020.
  • Silicon Sea Belt Fukuoka Project, PI Hiroto Yasuura, 2001 - 2012.